fungaia farm levon durrFungaia Farm is a mushroom company located in the foothills of Humboldt County, just outside of Eureka, CA. My name is Levon Durr, and as the owner of Fungaia Farm, my goal is to provide mushroom spawn to home and commercial growers for food production and for cleaning up the environment through mycoremediation. At Fungaia Farm I strive to minimize impacts on the environment, by promoting low-energy methods for growing this healthy food source. 

I am a passionate ecologist, having spent many years farming organically and learning from nature. I completed Permaculture Design and Teacher Training Courses. Through studying Permaculture, I became fascinated with the ways that we humans could not only find balance with our surroundings but also help to heal some of the wounds that have been inflicted on the earth. This journey brought me closer to the study of mycology and, through Fungi Perfecti, I completed courses on Professional Mushroom Cultivation and the techniques and technologies of Mycorestoration. After learning about the amazing abilities of mushrooms to turn wood and farm waste into nutritious and delicious food, and how mycelium can molecularly disassemble hydrocarbons and other pollutants, I was convinced that this resource was needed in our community. 

At Fungaia Farm I provide classes, as well as the supplies needed, for home mushroom cultivators. My teaching style is a hands-on experiential one, and I endeavor to give people real-life, practical skills. On-site consultations are also available for home or business. With the ability to produce a large amount of mycelium in a short time frame, I can quickly respond to the needs for remediation or food production in our bioregion. I am honored to offer this valuable resource to our community.

Besides selling mushroom spawn and supplies, Fungaia Farm offers many services. See our Services page for more information about what we do.