Here at Fungaia Farms we strive to produce quality spawn and inoculation tools for fungal cultivators with a wide range of mushroom growing experience. Please call Fungaia Farms with any questions you have about the use of the product before purchasing. All spawn comes with a sheet of detailed instructions. Do not ship live items back in the mail. If you believe your order has been damaged during shipping contact us immediately for store credit. Please contact us by email (fungaiafarm@gmail.com) or phone (707-444-3799) so that we can assist you. Customers must order by phone to use their store credit with their next order. Non-live items may be shipped back for reasons other than damage or defect. Notify Fungaia Farms of the intent to ship the product back in the original packaging in like-new condition. The Buyer agrees to pay shipping and a 5% restocking fee.



Limited Warranty and Liability

Fungaia Farm guarantees that the spawn we sell is free of contaminants and viable. We warrant to the extent of the purchase price only that the indoor mushroom kits, mushroom plug spawn, and outdoor mushroom spawn sold are as described on the website or label within recognized tolerances. No other warranty is given, expressed, or implied of the (1) suitability of spawn for purposes beyond what is suggested in our instructions or (2) against loss due to factors beyond our control. We cannot accept any responsibility for the many uncontrollable growing and climactic conditions (substrate preparation, moisture control, temperature control, environmental contaminants, pest control…etc.) that must be met to insure the success of your mushroom crop.

The Buyer agrees not to transfer, sell, or market Fungaia Farm products without written consent. Any use of Fungaia Farm’s name, product names, photographs, product descriptions, and/or written materials without prior written consent is prohibited.