• Place Oyster Kit in an indoor or outdoor setting with indirect light, maintaining temperatures between 55-75° F.  Do not remove cellulose bag.  Holes have already been created to allow for the fruiting of mushroom clusters.

  • Loosely cover cellulose bag with humidity tent provided.  Maintain moisture within the tent by misting with non-chlorinated water.

  • Small mushrooms will begin to form in approximately 1-2 weeks.  Mist several times a day with non-chlorinated water to maintain very high humidity within the tent.

  • Harvest clusters of mushrooms before the caps unfurl.  Clusters will mature in approximately 4-8 days.  If stems are elongated and caps are small, increase light exposure.  To remove clusters, grab and twist.  Always cook your mushrooms.

  • After kit has finished fruiting, submerge overnight in non-chlorinated water.  Replace humidity tent and repeat above instructions to encourage a second flush of mushrooms.

  • The bag that contains the straw is made from biodegradable plant-based cellulose and is fully compostable. Once your kit is done, it can be used to inoculate other substrates, or added to your compost pile. [Please re-use the plastic humidity ‘tent’—it is not compostable.]