Place Oyster Kit either indoors or outside under bright, indirect sunlight or bright artificial light. Open the plastic outer bag; this is the Humidity Tent. Open the box by folding back the box lid. Leave contents in the box. Keep the lid and the Humidity Tent open for the life of the kit. Holes have already been created in the inner cellulose bag to allow for the fruiting of mushroom clusters. Do not remove the inner cellulose bag from straw. Maintain the appropriate temperatures for your kit:

White Oyster: 55-75° F
Blue Oyster: 45-65° F
Pink Oyster: 65-85° F

Lightly mist through the opening in the top of the Humidity Tent with non-chlorinated water to maintain a high moisture level when mushrooms are present. Small mushrooms will begin to form in approximately 1-2 weeks.

Harvest clusters of mushrooms before the caps unfurl. Clusters will mature in approximately 4-8 days. If stems are elongated and caps are small, increase light exposure. To remove clusters, grab and twist. Always cook your mushrooms.

After the kit has finished the initial fruiting, maintain high humidity levels inside the tent by misting to encourage second fruiting of mushrooms.

The cellulose bag containing the kit can be removed from the box and submerged overnight in non-chlorinated water to rehydrate and encourage further fruiting’s. Replace kit in a box with the holes facing up.

The inner bag that contains the myceliated straw is made from biodegradable plant-based cellulose and is fully compostable. Once your kit is done, it can be used to inoculate other substrates or added to your compost pile.