3 1/2 pounds from one log!

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This Tan Oak log shown in the photo was soaked overnight, then placed in the shade and began pinning ten days later. We inoculated this log with Shiitake plug spawn in early summer of 2013 and this was its first flush (over a year and a half latter). Most of the time we can expect our first harvest within 12-14 months from inoculation. The long incubation period might explain the larger than usual harvest from this log. Each successive flush of mushrooms requires the mycelium living inside the log to store up a tremendous amount of energy before it can once again fruit. After each harvest the logs must go through a resting period of 2-3 months before being soaked and fruited again. Obviously this larger than usual harvest (2 plus pounds being our record so far) was an anomaly caused by the mycelium being so well established and having never before fruited. img_4452 img_4418-1This log will now be allowed to rest for a few month and then soaked again to force another fruiting. We will repeat this processes two to three time a year until the fungus has consumed all that it can from the log. On average a log this size will last anywhere from 4 to 6 years.

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